The 8 Best Horror Movies of All Time


2) The Cabin In The Woods (2 of 8)

The Cabin In The Woods

2) The Cabin In The Woods (2 of 8)


This belongs to a different genre altogether. It is a 2012 released American horror comedy film that should be on your list.

This is one amazing movie which does not only lampoon horror conventions but also entertain you with thrill of its own. While the plot introduces a family of zombies, which is mostly meant to portray the funny side of the movie, it is kind of disturbing.

Just like the tagline says: it is “Wicked, Twisted Fun!”

According to the critics, the movie is a perfect blend of wicked funny and moderately horrifying at the same time. It offers various winks and nods that you would thoroughly enjoy as you watch the movie.

This movie gives you all the reasons to be scared and enjoy the movie simultaneously.


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