10 Tips to Get an Apartment After an Eviction


1) Be Honest                                                                                               (1 of 10)


1) Be Honest                                                                                                (1 of 10)



You started off as a great tenant. You respectfully followed all the rules about noise and guests. You parked in your assigned parking spot. You paid your rent on time each month.

Then things fell apart. Maybe you got fired. Maybe your ex skipped town and left you with a pile of debt. Maybe an injury or illness caused the medical bills to rack up, leaving you with very little extra cash for things like rent and utilities. Somehow, things didn’t go as well as they should have, and you ended up getting evicted.

If you’re searching for a new rental home, don’t let a potential landlord find out about an eviction during a credit check. Be honest about your situation when you apply to show you are a trustworthy person who has learned from the past. Explain why you were evicted, and talk about the steps you’ve taken to ensure you never face another eviction.