Test Yourself: The 12 Must-Know Pulp Fiction Facts Every Fan Knows


1) The Reverse Syringe Scene                                            (1/12)


1) The Reverse Syringe Scene                                            (1/12)

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This is one of the most memorable and out-there scenes in the movie.

After another one of his bathroom trips, Vincent finds Mia overdosed on heroin, forcing him to rush his 1964 Chevelle Malibu to Lance and Jody’s place. Lance hands Vincent the adrenaline shot that he must plunge through Mia’s chest plate and into her still-beating heart.

Now, the size of the needle alone was enough to prepare us for a plot twist — I put it at seven, effing huge inches. As a result, and it made us miss Travolta’s masterful expressions.

Well, the scene was actually shot in reverse.

Vincent was filmed pulling the needle out from Mia’s chest first and taking it (and his expressions) all the way back up until he was holding it 4 feet off the ground. What we saw was the film running backwards.

Travolta actually reversed all his expressions from the point the needle penetrated Mia’s chest to the point he was holding it high above the ground.