10 Surprisingly Trendy Hair Colors For 2016


1) Burgundy Hair                                                            (1 of 10)


1) Burgundy Hair                                                             (1 of 10)



Burgundy is one of the hottest hair hues this fall and winter. All hair lengths and textures can pull off this amazing color, and burgundy hair looks great on its own or with highlights and lowlights. It’s edgy yet elegant, and its popular with everyone from middle school students to suburban soccer moms.

Pull your burgundy hair back into a messy bun, or wear it down in a cascade of curls. We’ve even seen some celebs rocking burgundy ‘dos recently, including Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez.

Not sure burgundy is the right hue from you? We’ve got 9 other trendy hair color ideas for you to consider, from bold blue streaks to classic chestnut strands.