6 Memorable Moments From The Life Of Prince


2) His Name Change (2 of 6)

Prince: His Name Change

2) His Name Change (2 of 6)


From 1978-1993, Prince Rogers Nelson went by the stage name of”Prince.”

He was named after his father, whose stage name was”Prince Rogers.” His dad performed in a jazz group called the Prince Rogers Trio and said that he named his son Prince because he”wanted him to do everything I wanted to do.”

In 1993, Prince, was no longer known by his real birth name.

He changed it to this symbol,

He became known as,”The artist formerly known as Prince.”

Reportedly, the name change came after Warner Bros. wanted him to release fewer albums so that they could promote him better.

He refused and instead, altered his name so that he could make music on his own terms.

However, in 2000, he began referring to himself as”Prince” yet again.


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