14 Actors Who Hate The Movie That Made Them A Star


1) Ally Sheedy, The Breakfast Club (1 of 14)

Ally Sheedy, The Breakfast Club

1) Ally Sheedy, The Breakfast Club (1 of 14)



Ally Sheedy came into the spotlight when she starred in the movie, The Breakfast Club in 1995. Even though she gained fame, she lucked out when it was time for her to find new roles.

She starred in a few movies such as St. Elmo’s Fire and Fire, but did not manage to gain the same amount of fame as she did with her first movie.

A movie that tanked your career, regardless of how well it was received, cannot be close to your heart. Her downward spiral led her to date Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora.

However, the relationship to the rocker opened her up to the world of drugs. Later, she battled with bulimia. In 1998, she came back on the big screen, starring in the movie High Art. Since then, her career has been pretty silent.



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