14 Actors Who Hate The Movie That Made Them A Star


2) Mark Wahlberg, The Happening (2 of 14)

Mark Wahlberg, The Happening

2) Mark Wahlberg, The Happening (2 of 14)



Mark Walberg is a household name, but the movie that made him a breakout star, is not at the top of the actor’s “most loved” list.

When he starred in the movie The Happening in 2008, audience and critics alike panned the movie. People began to question his talent, until The Fighter came out.

In his past interviews, he has blamed the trees and plants for making the movie as bad it was.

It is safe to say that Mark will not be director M. Night Shyamalan’s first choice to play a lead character in any of his future projects. However, you can also say that even if Mark is offered a role in his movie, he will know to say, “No hard feelings, man, but it is a no!”



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