21 Celebrities Who Have A Lot of Kids


1) Kevin Costner – 7 Children (1 of 21)

Kevin Costner - 7 Children

1) Kevin Costner – 7 Children (1 of 21)


Actor Kevin Costner has 7 kids with 3 different women. He has acknowledged that having children with multiple women and having kids in blended households is not always easy, stating that his kids have asked tough questions like, “Do you care for us now as much as you do them?”

Kevin Costner’s first Divorce, to Cindy Silva, who he met in college in 1978, was marked as one of the most important celebrity divorce cases in the 90’s (officially divorced in 1994).  Most celebrity divorces don’t alter how mainstream divorce cases are handled, but in this case, multiple divorce attorneys have cited that this particular case had brought out how heightened emotions (loss, personal damage, personal impact, etc) can affect how cases are viewed now.  Basically, what this means is, Cindy Silva tried to reconcile her marriage at all cost, even though Kevin was said to be committing adultery.  Because of the additional pain inflicted for trying to reconcile despite everything else she was dealing with, Kevin Costner settled with Cindy to the tune of $80 million.  This makes this divorce settlement one of the largest celebrity divorces in U.S. History.

Costner had 3 children with Cindy Silva, 3 with with current wife Christine Baumgartner, and 1 son with girlfriend Bridget Rooney.



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