10 Insane Celebrity Cars I wouldn’t Want To Pay Auto Insurance For


1) Jay-Z – Maybach Exelero $8,000,0000 (1 of 11)

 Jay-Z - Maybach Exelero $8,000,0000

1) Jay-Z – Maybach Exelero $8,000,0000 (1 of 11)


Nothing but the best for Mr. Beyonce, AKA rapper Jay-Z. Jay-Z showed off a Maybach Exelero in his music video “Lost One” back in the day (do you have to get auto insurance coverage when a car is in a music video?), and now he owns his very own.

Jay-Z spent around $8 million on his Maybach Exelero, which is probably more than we’ll make in our lifetime. We hope he was able to afford some cheap car insurance after that, but maybe famous rappers like Jay-Z don’t worry about finding the best price on auto insurance plans.

Keep clicking to find 9 other celebs with expensive vehicles who probably use the best auto insurance companies in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the country. We don’t know exactly what goes through these celebs’ minds when they buy fancy new cars, but it’s probably something like, “How much auto insurance do I need for this sports car?” Then again, when you’re making millions, you’re probably not worrying about low cost car insurance or comparing car insurance quotes as much as us everyday folks who spend hours researching affordable auto insurance prices.



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