Trump VS Hillary: 5 Freakishly Similar Facts about Both Candidates


2) Xenophobia anyone?                                                                                (2/5)


2) Xenophobia anyone?                                           (2/5)



Racism and xenophobia have ever been the hallmark of Donald Trump’s campaign, from his threats to build a wall on the Mexican/ American border (With Mexican govt funds so less!)  to wanting to stop all Muslims from entering the USA.

But what about Hilary, that paragon of racial diversity? It took the former Secretary of State (and erstwhile former first lady) a full three weeks to comment on the tragic death of Micheal Brown, an unarmed African American teen, who was killed by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer.  Why did it take Ms. Clinton three weeks to respond to a crisis that had lead to daily protests in St. Luis, and made global headlines day after day?