8 Things You Need to Know About Big Brother 18


1) Julie Chen is Back                                                                               (1 of 10)

Julie Chen

1) Julie Chen is Back                                                                                 (1 of 10)



Fan-favorite Julie Chen has hosted the last 17 seasons of Big Brother, and season 18 is no exception. Chen has already signed on to resume her role as the host of this popular reality show for the summer of 2016.

Chen married Leslie Moonves, the current president and CEO of CBS, in 2004 just 13 days after he finalized his divorce with his first wife. When Big Brother initially launched, critics argued that Chen only landed her gig as Big Brother host due to her connection with Moonves. Now that Chen has been hosting the show for nearly 2 decades, many fans agree they couldn’t imagine anybody else as the host. The CBS promo for Big Brother 18 references Chen’s popularity, stating that “Everybody loves Julie”.