10 Interesting Secrets About Teen Mom 2 Cast Members


2) Leah Went to Rehab                                                                          (2 of 10)

Leah 1

2) Leah Went to Rehab                                                                         (2 of 10)



Fans of “Teen Mom 2” may recall Leah Messer saying she wanted to seek treatment for stress, but insiders claim Leah actually attended a rehab program to address her addiction to prescription drugs. It’s rumored that Leah kept the real reason for treatment a secret so her ex, Corey Simms, didn’t try to take away their children.

Leah has also stated she received treatment for her anxiety at the rehab center, and she blamed some of the slurred speech seen in episodes of “Teen Mom 2” on her anxiety medications. To this day, Leah denies that she has ever been addicted to drugs.