10 Interesting Secrets About Teen Mom 2 Cast Members


1) Jenelle Has a Criminal Record                                                      (1 of 10)

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1) Jenelle Has a Criminal Record                                                       (1 of 10)



Okay, maybe that’s putting it lightly. Jenelle Evans, one of the moms on the reality show “Teen Mom 2,” has been arrested at least 13 times over the last few years for charges ranging from heroin possession to driving without a license. So far, she’s managed to avoid any lengthy jail time, but that might change soon. She’s currently facing charges for assaulting her ex fiance’s new girlfriend, Jessica, with a mason jar filled with water.

On a recent season of “Teen Mom 2,” Jenelle admitted she’s worried her criminal record will make it hard for her to get a job in the medical field. She graduated from a medical assistant program in 2015 and is trying to stay out of legal trouble.