Top 5 Differences Between The Republicans And Democrats


2) Political Values: Left Or Right?                                           (2 of 5)


2) Political Values: Left Or Right?                                           (2 of 5)



A simple way to view the political philosophy of both parties would be that Democrats lean left whereas Republicans lean right. The Democrats are progressives and liberals whereas the Republicans are conservatives. Alas! If it were so simple… Within both parties are various factions and ideological differences that make the matter much more complicated.

In the Democratic Party, there are Progressives, who support government action to establish socioeconomic equality; Liberals, who advocate fair trade and a peaceful foreign policy; and Socialists, who want more welfare.

On the other hand, in the GOP, we have the Traditionalists, who are pro-business and hold a relatively more militaristic worldview; the Fiscal Conservatives, who vehemently insist on cutting down government spending; and Social Conservatives, who hold traditional views on many social issues such as religion and gay marriage.

The Libertarians hang around somewhere in between, and support one party or the other on the basis of the particular policies in question.

Both parties’ views on religion stem from their political beliefs as well. The more left-leaning Democrats are generally strictly secular and favor a clear distinction between the Church and State. The Republicans, in general, and the ‘religious right’, in particular, strongly associate their personal religious beliefs with their political policies. This cannot be considered a rule of thumb and there are various exceptions to the principle as well.



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