5 Differences Between Trump And Cruz


1) Political Background                                                              (1 of 5)


1) Political Background                                                              (1 of 5)



As the race for the nomination of the Republican Party enters its decisive stages, two candidates emerge as the clear frontrunners – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The inflammatory rhetoric and the divisive political statements by both candidates against each others may leave some voters scratching their heads as to what the real differences are between the candidates, if any.

Although both Trump and Cruz mirror similar conservative views on an array of national issues, the dissimilarities between them are several and crucial. And these are not just limited to hairstyle and the number of social media followers.

The primary difference between the two frontrunners concerns their political backgrounds. Whereas Cruz has a significant experience of holding public political offices, Trump has none. Cruz ran for his first elective position, as a Senator, in 2012 and has held the position since. And although his experience as an elected official is 13 years less than the presidential average (15 years), he has previously served as the Domestic Policy Advisor to the 2001 Bush campaign, Associate Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice, and Solicitor General of Texas, among other positions.

On the other hand, Trump’s primary professional experience is that of an entrepreneur and businessman and reality TV star, as the Chairman of The Trump Organization and a chain of hotels and casino resorts. Does all this matter? Yes, hugely. For context, we must consider that, in the history of American politics, the number of presidents with no prior experience of holding public office is – you guessed it right – zero.



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