6 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Have Won Election


1)Donald Trump and the great wall of … America             (1/6)


1)Donald Trump and the great wall of … America             (1/6)

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Trump says he will build a wall on the American-Mexican border and keep immigrants out.  Yeah just like the “great wall of China” kept out the Mongol hordes.  Walls don’t keep people out; they just serve to show how xenophobic a nation’s leadership is. The US and her people are a great nation, inclusive and kind hearted.  To even believe that they will pander to ‘apartheid’ like system is to do them an injustice.

And this is one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is going to win the elections. There is hardly any ‘if’ and ‘but’ about it now that the Republicans have pretty much zipped their own fate by nominating a blow hard like Donald Trump.  Whatever chances they had of making it back into the white house after eight long years in the wilderness are now the stuff of wishful thinking only.


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