5 Blockbuster Movies that Are a Must-see this summer


1)Captain America: Civil War                               (1/5)


1)Captain America: Civil War                               (1/5)

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Captain America: Civil War is the third installment of Captain America’s movies and the 13th movie of the Marvel cinematic universe and is also the biggest grossing movie of the year to date.

Released at the end of April, it is a true summer block buster in the classic sense and an absolutely smashing success, breaking box office records left right and centre. Building on the schisms that were created in Avengers II: Age of Ultron, it goes on to become a full fledged civil war that even” ropes in” (no pun intended) Spiderman.

And it’s not just Captain America: Civil War that’s the only good offering. Now that  summer is here what better way to spend a hot sweltering day then in the air-conditioned environs of your favorite movie theater (or for that matter your own living room) watching the seasons hottest (Or coolest) block buster with a couple of nice big bags of potato chips and pop corn.

However, it does not have to be this year’s fare alone. Hollywood has traditionally unleashed its heaviest big budget offerings in summer and some of them have ended up all being all time favorites amongst all age groups and still continue to have widespread appeal.