7 Quick Synopses About The Republican Candidates


2) Chris Christie                                                   (2 of 7)

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses supporters at his election night party in Asbury Park, New Jersey

2) Chris Christie                                                   (2 of 7)



New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a lawyer and former Wall Street lobbyist. He has also won U.S. Attorney for New Jersey.

He has vetoed legislation three times on limiting fracking. He signed a bill to expand renewable energy in NJ and states that climate change is real.

Christie supports some gun control but wants to put bigger emphasis on mental health.  He does not want to ban assault weapons.

He does not want to document illegal immigrants and is open to allow in-state tuition for undocumented students. He signed a bill in favor of this in 2013.

The Governor also wants to repeal and replace Obamacare. Also, no abortion after 20 weeks with some exceptions.

He wants to gradually raise costs for wealthier Americans on Social Security and Medicare, as well as raise retirement age.

He wants to strengthen ties with Israel and is willing to send U.S. troops to fight ISIS.