7 Quick Synopses About The Republican Candidates


1) John Kasich                                                         (1 of 7)



1) John Kasich                                                         (1 of 7)



Ohio Governor John Kasich recently released a campaign commercial stating intimate details about his past- that his parents were killed by a drunk driver.

He is the grandson of coal miners and immigrants, and the son of a US Postal worker.

He won his first election at the age of 24 for state senate and has been in Congress nearly two decades. He helped write our nation’s first balanced budget in years in 1997 and has written three New York Times bestsellers.

In a quick synopsis, he believes in protecting the environment and jobs. He wants less prison time for nonviolent offenders, and more of a focus on rehabilitation.

He believes education is core, but wants to cut the spending.

Although he doesn’t prefer undocumented citizens to stay in the country, he believes it may be part of compromise.

He wants to cut income and corporate taxes, raise some other taxes, including one on fracking.

Kasich wants to move on from the same-sex marriage debate, and ban abortions over 20 weeks of pregnancy.

He also wants to put boots on the ground to fight ISIS.

Read on for quick synopses about each Republican candidate left in the running.