19 Actors Who Drink While Filming


2) Billy Bob Thornton In ‘Bad Santa’ (2 of 19)

Billy Bob Thornton In 'Bad Santa'

2) Billy Bob Thornton In ‘Bad Santa’ (2 of 19)


Who doesn’t know the famous Christmas movie, although how it can be considered that still escapes us. The movie centers on a mall Santa who decides to rob the mall. But that is not the bad quality about this Santa.

Most of the scenes in the movie saw Billy Bob Thornton drunk, drinking, going to drink or preparing a drink. Well, how bad can a Santa get? Well, apparently there’s no limit to it.

Billy Bob Thornton himself admitted to having had actual drinks to film some of his scenes. No wonder it all looked so genuine, though it doesn’t mean he didn’t act well while sober.

Since the successful run of the film, Billy Bob Thornton had been trying to get a sequel made. With the amount of liquor he consumed in Bad Santa, it’s no surprise that the producer’s are having thought about making the sequel.



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