5 Greatest and Worst Mariah Carey Performances


1) Emotions New Year’s Eve, 2016 (1 of 5)

Emotions New Year’s Eve, 2016

1) Emotions New Year’s Eve, 2016 (1 of 5)


Mariah Carey has given lots of noteworthy performances, but she completely dropped the ball on New Year’s Eve and gave one of her worst performances ever. She lip-synced her way through all her hit singles at Times Square before she simply gave up.

Before leaving the stage she came up with this to explain this trainwreck of a performance:

It just don’t get any better.

After taking an absolute bashing on Twitter following the monumental gaffe and her lip-syncing, she came up with a follow-up tweet:

“S–t happens. Have a happy and healthy new year everybody! Here’s to making more headlines in 2017.”


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