10 Signs an Online Degree Program is Right for You


2) You’re Tech Savvy                                                       (2 of 10)

tech savvy

2) You’re Tech Savvy                                                        (2 of 10)



Online college classes require basic tech skills. If you have an advanced understanding of technology, you’ll find it even easier to succeed at online colleges and universities.

Here are a few things you should know how to do before taking enrolling in a distance learning program:

  • Create a Word document
  • Save files as Zip files
  • Send an email
  • Access the Internet
  • Perform Google searches

These are just basic skills you should have before enrolling in an online college course. If you don’t have these skills yet, don’t panic. Sometimes you can find online college courses and distance learning programs that teach students how to master technology  through DVD lectures, YouTube videos, and audio files.