Beyond Superman and Batman — The Top 5 Lamest Comic Heroes of All Time


1) Superman (1 of 5)


1) Superman (1 of 5)


Who’s excited about the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie? Everyone!

I mean, the two biggest superheroes will be fighting against one another, and Batman — a mere human — is going to beat the sunlight out of a justice-loving, sun-craving, kryptonite fearing demi-god super hero.

So what’s so lame about superman?

The very fact that he’s invincible and still takes orders from the President.

I mean, the guy is nearly indestructible, has alien technology at his disposal, and could easily:

  • Find, create, and implement solutions to most of humanity’s problems by letting his highly intelligent robots do all the work for him
  • Literally implement a single-man martial law on every country in the world for as long as it takes to use that technology and power to actually build a better world, and he’s not doing that!

So how does a demi-god who uses his sense of right and justice to only get anxious about changing his clothes without being seen as he regularly zooms through the air to help people (or the whole planet), makes sense as a super hero?

It doesn’t.

Superman is living like a mindless puppet, or worse a hero who won’t do what needs to be done because he’s a Kryptonian and the world’s problems are not his responsibility. Yeah, and fighting the bad guys the world creates, and waiting for them to appear with highly advanced technology is his responsibility, right?


P.S. If you were hoping I’d avoid the underpants, then you were right.

It’s a demi-god thing. How can I pass a Judgment there?



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