Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Dangerous Stunts


1) Jackie Chan                                                           (1 of 10)


1) Jackie Chan                                                           (1 of 10)



The famous actor and stuntman has done everything in the movie industry and has taken on some extremely intense and intriguing fight scenes. The best thing about Jackie Chan is that he does all of his stunts himself, and he has even been called crazy for attempting to do some of the things we have seen on camera.

He has done base jumps onto hot air balloons, roller skated under speeding trucks and the list goes on. That is one of the main reasons why Jackie Chan is still considered to be one of the most well-respected actors in Hollywood and it has earned him rave reviews from both fans and critics.

One thing is for sure, Jackie Chan will forever be remembered as the greatest actor who did all of his insane stunts by himself, without asking for a stunt double. Bravo!