25 Things You Didn’t Know About UFC Women’s Champion Holly Holm


1) She is Sweet, It’s not fake(1 of 25)

She is Sweet, It's not fake

1) She is Sweet, It’s not fake(1 of 25)


In the lead up to the fight, there were lots of verbal shots that were being volleyed, and at the weigh-in both Holly and Rousey, almost came to blows on the stage, but were separated. That was when Ronda said to Holly ‘I can see right through your fake sweet act’.

The thing is that Rousey completely failed to acknowledge the fact that Holly wasn’t putting up an act.

Holly Holm has always been an emotional person and she is incredibly sweet in real life as well. There was a story about a 16 year old Holly, who answered the home phone to hear that it was someone who wanted to talk to her father for some pastoral guidance.

Holly answered that her father was out, but if they really needed to talk to someone, then she would talk with them. That’s Holly Holm for you.



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