3-5 Possible Vice President Candidates for Donald Trump

2)  Ted Cruz                                                 (2/3)


2)  Ted Cruz                                                 (2/3)


Ted Cruz has been Donald Trump’s bitterest adversary in the race for the presidential nomination from the Republican Party.  And had left even the Democratic hopefuls, such as Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton behind when it came to sheer vitriolic attacks. However, if one were to strip away the veneer of political bickering, there is little difference between the two when it comes to appealing to the core conservative constituency of the Republican Party. Unlike his Democrat opponents, Ted embodies the values of the conservative American Middle class.

He is vehemently against the rights of the rainbow nation, and believes that the union of marriage is only between a man, and a woman (As espoused by his oft proclaimed Christian values), and as such strongly opposes not just same sex marriages but also any form of civil union that gives legitimacy, and legal coverage to such unions. He is also vehemently anti choice, and against state sponsored planned parenting, and supports abortion only in the extreme circumstances, in which the life of the mother may be in peril. Since these values are the primary issues, on which the conservative voter base of the Republican Party revolves. His addition to the Trump bandwagon may well secure a Republican victory in the coming elections.



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