3-5 Possible Vice President Candidates for Donald Trump

1) Marco Rubio                                 (1/3)


1) Marco Rubio                                 (1/3)


Mario Rubio has often been mockingly referred to as “Little Marco” by the perennially sarcastic Donald Trump.  (Who has in turn, been scathingly derided by the Republican Senator.)  There was wide spread speculation by the top names in the media that he might be selected to be Donald Trump’s running mate for the White House, while both Trump as well as Marco Rubio have denied such speculation. The fact remains that it’s not the first time that former rivals have patched up, or simply used their rivalry to create a screen, with which to blind side their opponents.

If Marco were to win the coveted nomination, (it’s difficult to assume that the ambitious senator would say no to such an offer) He could help Trump make inroads in his native Florida. Moreover, as a Cuban American he could help offset Trump’s anti Hispanic, as well as anti Immigration rhetoric. Otherwise the Central American, and Mexican communities have absolutely no reason to vote for Trump considering the fact that he wants to wall up the nation’s borders so as to ensure that more people of Hispanic origin could not get in.



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