4 Reasons Why Will Donald Trump Win Florida


1) He Will Target Supporters of Bernie Sanders        (1 of 4)


1) He Will Target Supporters of Bernie Sanders        (1 of 4)



At the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump sent supporters of Bernie Sanders an unexpected promotional video message in which he told them that crooked Hillary rigged the election and Sanders never had a fighting chance.

After emails between the delegates leaked out, supporters of Bernie, including the former candidate himself, were furious. However, Bernie did not waver in his support for Hillary as president. His supporters were not happy with his stance on still supporting Hillary.

Trump took advantage of this divide in the Democratic Party and this situation to reach out to Bernie supporters, telling them to vote for him, not her. In Florida, Trump secured 99 delegates, Hillary secured 141, and Bernie secured 73 delegates. If Bernie supporters in Florida vote for Trump, he could win the state.



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