Most Beautiful Celebrity Mom’s On the Planet. Gorgeous, Just Gorgeous


1) Gwen Stefani                                            (1 of 10)

Gwen Stefani

1) Gwen Stefani                                               (1 of 10)



We totally dig Gwen Stefani’s rocker chick style and tight, toned abs, and we can’t believe she’s a mom of 3 energetic boys: Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma. We can’t believe she’s 46 years old, either. Wow. It’s easy to see why Blake Shelton digs her so much.

Every time Gwen sings “Used to Love You”, we’re glad she’s talking about her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. That means there’s still a chance for us, right? We won’t say anything to Blake.

Gwen isn’t the only hot celeb mom we adore, though. Read on for more sizzling pics of our favorite famous moms.


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