Top 10 Most Evil Cartoon Villains of All Time

1) Gargamel                                                              (1 of 10)


1) Gargamel                                                              (1 of 10)


Gargamel is the evil wizard who hated the Smurfs and wanted to get rid of them. What makes Gargamel so evil is his patched bathrobe which is torn from many places. Gargamel also has rotten teeth that make him look like the devil himself.

In the Smurfs, his main aim was to create magic to destroy the Smurfs. He made magic potions and tried them out on the Smurfs that we loved. The adorableness of Smurfs is what made them so lovable, and Gargamel so hateable.

Even though Gargamel looked like he would not do much harm, but his magic potions were definitely dangerous for the innocent little Smurfs. We simply cannot forgive him for posing a threat to our beloved blue creatures.


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