Top 10 Messy Celeb Divorces

1) Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards                                   (1 of 10)

Charlie and Denise

1) Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards                                   (1 of 10)


Before Charlie Sheen became HIV positive, he spent 4.5 years married to Denise Richards. The former couple has 2 daughters together, and Charlie also has 3 children from other relationships.

Richards filed for divorce against Sheen for several reasons, including abuse and addiction. Sheen has publicly admitted to many of Richards’ allegations, so it’s no surprise that a judge awarded Richards primary custody of their daughters after the divorce was finalized.

These days, Richards and Sheen are on decent terms, and she was one of the first to learn about his HIV diagnosis. Read on for 9 more former couples who had some of the nastiest divorces in Hollywood.


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