8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

1) Clean Windows On A Cloudy Day                                         (1 of 8)


1) Clean Windows On A Cloudy Day                                         (1 of 8)


Cleaning your windows on a cloudy day is a cardinal rule that all homeowners should abide by and follow to the tee. What will happen if they do fail to follow the rule? Well, they will certainly make things harder on themselves for starters.

By cleaning your windows on a sunny day, you will encounter the problem of having your cleaning solution dry up quickly. This will leave streaks on your windowpanes.

Here are the simple steps to clean your windows: use a dust brush to vacuum the sills, window frames, and screens, attach a sponge to the squeegee and dip into warm water, containing dishwashing liquid, clean the top left corner, dragging the sponge to the right, and use a chamois to dry up the window’s edges.

Do not clean on a sunny day, but clean your windows on a cloudy day for a thorough cleaning.


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