7 Best Saturday Night Live Sketches Of All Time

1) White Like Me                                                                           (1 of 7)


1) White Like Me                                                                           (1 of 7)


Back in the 80s, it was Eddie Murphy who made everyone laugh not just at standup shows and movies, but also on SNL. In this humorous and memorable sketch, Murphy conducted a social experiment and dressed up as a white man. He made puns throughout the sketch and at one point told himself; “I got to keep my butt real tight when I walk”.

This sketch was to explore the 80s New York when racial inequality was quite prominent. When he visits New York City, he is quite surprised to find out that the newspaper were free and people were literally partying on buses. This provocative part of SNL captured a lot of attention because Murphy just entered the film industry and was among the few African-Americans in Hollywood. He portrayed the realities of the time in a comic and interesting way and his sketch became quite popular amongst all SNL fans.


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