What Happens To The Horses After They Race In The Kentucky Derby?


1) They End Up Breeding Future Race Horses                   (1 of 6)


1) They End Up Breeding Future Race Horses                   (1 of 6)



The Kentucky Derby is approaching, and like always, the stakes are high.

The elegant hats, mint juleps, and bidding will be under way, but what you may not have ever thought about, is what happens to the race horses after they participate in the Derby.

If you don’t want to hear any bad news about the horses, don’t continue to read this article.

Not all of them will end up on a bad note however, many of them will go on to have healthy and happy lives.

If they’re a successful race horse, male or female, they will most likely be sold to a breeder, who will usually go on to make even more money than they would have racing the horse.

Once a horse is sold to a breeder, their career continues to boom on a stud farm.


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