8 Tips For Planning A Memorable Passover

1) Get Some Help                                                                        (1 of 8)


1) Get Some Help                                                                        (1 of 8)


Trust us; you do not want to take the responsibility of planning a Passover all by yourself. You can always get some help. You can ask your partner, your children, your friend, relatives, and anyone you deem responsible for helping you plan a memorable Passover.

You can divide the chores amongst you. For instance, you can put yourself in charge of going grocery shopping and cooking the food and tell the other person to decorate the house and set the table.

When your guests start arriving to your house to celebrate the Passover with you and your family, you can hold yourself for making sure the food makes it to the table without any unexpected delays such as burnt or overcooked food.

We know, we get you that it is a lot to do, but that is why you get help to make your potluck dishes, salt water, grape juice, wine, and green perfect.


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