Top 5 Differences Between The Republicans And Democrats


1) Role Of The Government: Less Is More?                            (1 of 5)


1) Role Of The Government: Less Is More?                            (1 of 5)



The Democrats and the Republicans seem to be embroiled in a long-standing political rivalry, an ongoing tug-of-war which has had the nation divided into two halves, each pulling on the rope with all its strength. But hey, what exactly is the fight all about? Why can’t the two parties calm down, have a beer and just, you know, relax a bit? Well, that doesn’t seem to be possible – particularly not in the current politically charged environment.

So if you know nothing about politics and want to see what all the fuss is about, we can break down and analyze 5 major issues for you.

The most contentious subject between the Republicans and Democrats is that of the role of government. This is the one area that a lot of the divisive opinions can be traced back to. This is where a lot of the mess stems from as well.

The Democrats believe in a robust and proactive government: one that promotes community values, one that recognizes social responsibility, and one that steps up actively to solve the citizens’ problems. The Republicans want none of that hogwash. They believe in a limited government. Their focus is the promotion of individual rights and justice rather than a hulking bureaucracy that solves few problems and creates many.



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