5 Reasons Trump Will Not Be The Republican Nominee

1) Money Matters                                                                        (1 of 5)

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1) Money Matters                                                                        (1 of 5)


This may come as a surprise to many people, but even though Trump has made bold claims about funding his own presidential campaign, he hasn’t spent even the smallest amount of his reported $300 million that he has for his campaign. He is undoubtedly a very wealthy man, but there is no indication as of yet that he is willing to spend his money, or signs that he is even going to fund his own campaign.

Trump is known as a billionaire, but did you know how he managed to amass such wealth for himself? It is by gambling on other’s people money, and investing/risking very little of his own personal capital. He has bragged on numerous occasions about how he didn’t have to invest his own money in business deals, and history suggests that Trump isn’t prepared to spend his own money in order to fund his campaign. Other republican candidates had to spend an outrageous amount of money just to win the Republican nomination, and Mitt Romney managed to raise and then $400 million when he won the Republican nomination.

Other Republican candidates in the running for the nomination have outspent Trump so far in their campaign, while Trump is yet to spend a significant portion of his outrageous wealth. So unless, he decides to loosen his purse strings, which is highly unlikely, Trump is going to fall out of the Republican Nomination for good.


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