Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

1) Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China                                          (1 of 10)


1) Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China                                          (1 of 10)


The Sichuan-Tibet Highway in China is said to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world as the terrain of the place is really rocky. The highway is at an elevated height and the area is covered with rock avalanches and is prone to landslides, which makes driving extremely tricky. The Highway accommodates more than 10,000 drivers every year and you will be shocked to learn that, up till now, almost 7,500 people have lost their lives on the highway. If you are planning on travelling via this route, we would recommend that you proceed very carefully during bad weather as there is a constant threat of avalanches and rock slides.


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