Lindsay Lohan Engagement Spoilers – Who’s The Guy?


2) The Guy                                                                                      (2 of 5)


2) The Guy                                                                                        (2 of 5)



Egor Tarabasov, Lindsay’s new fiance, is a 22 year-old Russian heir, whom she met at a party.

Tarabasov is the son of a multi-millionaire businessman.

He was born in Moscow and now lives in London, where he has his own real estate agency called Home House Estates.

As a graduate of the Cass Business School, we know that he’s highly educated.

Apparently the two have been dating for five months and he spent the holidays with Lohan’s family.

We can’t help but notice the 7 year age difference, especially because Lindsay is about to be over the hill!

However, the two obviously seem to be very happy.


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