10 Reasons Why ISIS Will Never Win The War

1) Too Little Ground Support                                                  (1 of 10)


1) Too Little Ground Support                                                  (1 of 10)


ISIS is not a guerilla outfit. It is a territorially-based militant organization that wants to govern a particular piece of land and relies on violence to crush any opposition to their rule. Therein lays its greatest weakness. Any territorially-based non-state actor that aims or claims to be a ‘state’ (as in Islamic State) needs a certain amount of support from its subjects. ISIS has none. And why would they? Beheadings and crucifixions do not make a pretty sight.

Any political analyst would tell you that one of the major disadvantages America faced in its war against terrorism, even though it has the greatest military in the world, was that it lacked ground support. If the lack of political affirmation from the locals transformed what should’ve been a quick war into an ugly lengthy stalemate, why should ISIS fare any better?



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