8 Regular People Who Turned Into Famous Internet Memes


1) First World Problems Girl                       (1/8)


1) First World Problems Girl                                                     (1/8)


The famous meme that everyone shares when they are having a problem that they cannot ignore but only cry about it on the inside actually is a picture of an Italian model and actress named Silvia Bottini. Yes, that’s right; she is a model and was not aware that her picture would go viral and turn into a meme.

Apart from starring in this famous meme, she has also starred in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Romeo & Juliet’. She is also a famous commercial model, but who knew that her main cause of global-fame would be a meme that she did not even get paid for?

Whenever someone is facing a problem that they know is something that’s exclusive to the privileged, it is the meme with her teary picture that gets shared.


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