8 Speedy Repairs To Make Around The House

1) Damaged Wood                                                                       (1 of 8)


1) Damaged Wood                                                                       (1 of 8)


Overtime, water spills can damage the texture of the wood. Even hot dishes can leave horrid rings and marks on the surface of the wood. If you clean the surface as soon as you spot a spill, you can save your wood from sustaining damage.

Place a thick towel over the stain and use an iron set on medium to low setting to press on top of the towel for a couple of seconds. The heat from the iron will transfer the moisture from the wood and into the towel. Repeat, if necessary. Polish and buff the wood.

To fix scratches and nicks, crack walnuts, rub them over the scratch, and rub the shell over it, rubbing it in the grain’s direction. Use a soft cloth to clean the wood and repeat until you cannot see the scratch anymore.


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