3-5 Possible Vice President Candidates For Hilary Clinton

1) Senator Bernie Sanders              (1/3)  


1) Senator Bernie Sanders              (1/3)  


Yes the idea may well appear ludicrous, but is it really so? Remember both Joe Biden, as well as John Edwards had been selected, after being beaten as front runners to the presidency nominations of the Democratic Party.

And it’s not just a Democratic party tradition either,  When  Ronald Reagan had become president way back in the 1980s, he had beaten his Republican rival George Bush in the Primaries, only to take him on, as his running mate during the presidential race for the White House

And Sanders has done the Clinton campaign a whole world of good, and compelled her to take a second look at her priorities, and so connect to the core voter base of the Democratic Party. Add to that, the fact that the intra party race itself, has been incredibly civil with none of the mudslinging that normally accompanies hard fought campaigns, as both the candidates have actually striven to point out their similarities, before going on to high-lighting their differences.  Here is what Hilary herself had to say about it, when she was asked during a campaign rally, if she will accept him as her Vice President?

“I’m certainly going to unite the party, but I’m not getting ahead of myself. I think that would be a little bit presumptuous. If I’m  fortunate to be the nominee, the first person I will call to talk to about where we go, and how we get it done will be Sen. Sanders.”


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