4 Reasons Why Hillary Is Guaranteed To Win This Election

2) She Has the Support of the Minorities (2 of 4)

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2) She Has the Support of the Minorities (2 of 4)


Pew Research Center conducted a research to find out the eligibility of Americans to vote in 2016. They found the eligibility of voters to be over 11 million than it was in 2011. Over two-thirds of the eligible voters comprise of Black, Asian, and Hispanic Americans. In these three categories, 64 million people are eligible to vote this election season. When it comes down to winning the minority vote, Clinton has it in the bag. Trump does not appeal to the minorities or to most women for that matter due to his offhanded remarks regarding immigration and abortion regarding them. If her campaign can convince the minorities to come out and vote, you can expect some of the states that have previously voted Republican to vote Democrat.



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