8 Graduation Party Ideas To Make Your Celebration Great

1) Serve Delicious And Practical Food               (1 of 8)


1) Serve Delicious And Practical Food               (1 of 8)


All your friends have come over to your house to celebrate their newly graduated status and they are, most probably, arriving at your house hungry and famished. To appease their appetite, you need to provide them with celebratory and easy to eat food.

You need to serve them with doughnut pops, candy, and cupcakes decorated with ribbons and icing with the word “Congrats” written on the cupcakes or a cake with the graduation year on the pops.

More importantly, you need to purchase mouthwatering finger foods for your guests, from mini-sandwiches, shrimp, crackers with olives and cheese, French fries, and you get the idea. For the drinks, you can choose to offer lemonade, soda, and juice.

If you are throwing a party as a group, you can tell each person to bring a dish. This way, it will place less pressure on you and you can use the time to decorate your house and front yard. You can also provide them with a fortune cookie holding their fate.


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