10 Adorable Gender-Reveal Photo Ideas for Expecting Couples


1) Box Full of Balloons                                                     (1 of 10)

Pink Balloons

1) Box Full of Balloons                                                     (1 of 10)



Having balloons fly out of a box is a cheap yet chic way to let your loved ones know whether you’re expecting a boy or girl. We’re digging the fact that this couple repurposed an old cardboard box for this special occasion.

To create this scene for your own gender reveal pics, you just need a few supplies:

  • Large cardboard box
  • Pink or blue helium-filled balloons
  • Two different shades of paint
  • Teddy bear or another stuffed animal

Make sure the balloons are filled with helium. If you blow them up yourself, they’ll just sit in the box rather than floating toward the ceiling or sky.

Consider using several shades of the same hue, such as sky blue and navy blue or hot pink and light pink. You can also use purple if you’re having a girl or green if you’re having a boy.

Not sure you want to announce your baby’s gender with balloons? Keep reading for 9 more amazing options for your gender-reveal photos.


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