5 Exciting Things To Look Forward To In Game Of Thrones Season 6

1) The Resurrection Of Jon Snow                                            (1 of 5)


1) The Resurrection Of Jon Snow                                            (1 of 5)


There is no about the fact that one of the most anticipated things in Game of Thrones Season 6 is the resurrection of Jon Snow. While the show hasn’t clearly indicated that Jon Snow is coming back, there are lots of theories that are floating around amongst fan circles. Even book readers are unsure about whether Jon is going to be back, with the way that the final chapter of A Dance with Dragons ends.

Some people are still clinging to the hope that Jon will be coming back in Game of Thrones, since there is a significant portion of the novels, which have discussed Jon’s parentage at length, and to reveal it after the character has passed away will be something of an anticlimax. However, Jon has most definitely died, which is a fact that both producers Benioff and Weiss, as well as actor Kit Harrington have stated.

This means that the only way that Jon Snow is going to be coming back is if he is going to be resurrected. The theories suggest that Jon won’t be the same man once he is resurrected, and if Lady Melisandre brings him back, he is going to lose a small part of himself in the process – which is something that Beric Dondarion discusses, when is brought back to life by Thoros of Myr.

Another theory suggests that Jon may have warged into Ghost, his direwolf, before he died, which would keep his soul alive while his body dies. It remains to be seen if Jon returns as a wolf or is brought back from the dead by Lady Melisandre, but one thing is for certain, fans are most definitely freaking out at the possibility of Jon returning to the show.


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