10 Super Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers


1) Candy Cane Ornaments With Beads           (1 of 10)

candy cane

1) Candy Cane Ornaments With Beads               (1 of 10)



Improve your toddler’s fine motor skills by making beaded candy canes together. Bead-covered candy cane ornaments are one of the easiest Christmas crafts you can make with your child. They don’t require any special supplies, nor do you have to be a crafty person to pull them off.

All you need are green pipe cleaners and beads, both of which can be found at most dollar stores. Help your toddler twist each pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane, then tie a knot at the bottom so the beads don’t fall off. A knot at the top helps them stay on, too.


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