10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Show Up For the 2nd and 3rd Debates

1) He has no idea what he is doing                  (1 of 10)


1) He has no idea what he is doing                  (1 of 10)


It had become apparent during the course of the first debate that Donald Trump clearly has no idea about what he was talking about. His lack of preparation for the debate culminated in him getting absolutely dominated during the debate. Hillary Clinton thrived and had clear-cut and concise answers to the questions while Donald Trump managed to make a fool of himself in front of millions of Americans.

While losing the first debate doesn’t mean that he has lost the election, the kind of humiliation he suffered at the hands of Hillary might not have gone down well with him. His ego has taken a bruising and he might actually be considering not going for the 2nd and 3rd debate.



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