12 Divorce Cakes to Brighten Your Day


1) Yesterday’s Garbage                                                    (1 of 10)


1) Yesterday’s Garbage                                                     (1 of 10)



Sometimes you’ve just gotta take out the trash, especially when you’re married to someone who doesn’t treat you well. Bid farewell to your former spouse, then celebrate your divorce by ordering an awesome cake just like this one.

We get that some divorces are amicable, but if the two of you weren’t all smiles as you met with your family law attorneys and finalized the dissolution of your marriage, this frosted dessert might be perfect for you.

If your former spouse did any (or all) of the following, you deserve this divorce cake:

  • Lied
  • Cheated
  • Manipulated you
  • Spent all your money
  • Abused you physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially
  • Spent more time at the bar than at home
  • Treated your kids, pets, or family members badly

This is one of the most hilarious divorce cakes we’ve ever seen, but there are tons of other amazing ways to celebrate the end of your marriage. Instead of crying into a tub of ice cream, gather your friends and family for a celebration featuring one of these 12 awesome divorce cakes.


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